Pandemic Parenting

Pandemic Parenting – Unfiltered

  • Parenting isn’t often times uncharted territory under the best of circumstances, but throw a global pandemic into the mix and watch the stakes and stress go up as the pressure in the cooker begins to rise and rise and rise!


  • Our teens have lost and will continue to experience loss for the foreseeable future at the hands of this pandemic whether family members, academic opportunity, time with friends, or sports training and participation. With loss comes grief and the need for tender, loving support from us as parents. Parents who strive to infuse resilience and innovation into the fabric of their being. It may not end up looking like we once had envisioned it. In fact, it can be far better as they learn a whole new skill set that propel them forward in ways not thought possible pre-pandemic.


  • Come and be encouraged as we spend a morning with Tim Elmore of Norcross-based Growing Leaders, Inc. as he discuses Pandemic Parenting: UNFILTERED on 7/31, 9:15-10:30am.


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